The Poly Recycling is one of the most successful plastic-recycling companies in Europe.

Plastic Recycling Today
2012, In Europe about 25 million tons of plastic waste is generated but recycled is only about 3.2 million tons of material recycling. This although recycling rates of over are 20 % required and are both ecologically and economically feasible.

For PET about 50% is recycled from the consumption.

Recycling has economic benefits
Plastic recycling is a young industry and still holds much potential for development. The Poly Recycling delivers cost-effective and increasingly powerful commodity. Specifications according to customer needs, good quality and comprehensive services always result in a better value for money .
The Poly Recycling offers as a major plastics recycler cheap disposal alternatives for large amounts of plastic waste. Expensive disposal costs can often be saved by using our range of services and advice.

Recycling is environmentally sound and better than burning
Recycling requires approximately 50 % less energy than the production of primary plastic. The energy for the production of plastic out of oil is therefore retained. A variety of life cycle assessments demonstrate the ecological benefits of plastic recycling, especially the reduction of emissions in manufacturing.
Plastic waste accounts for almost 30% of the produced by the waste incineration plants environmentally relevant emissions. Hazardous waste and air pollution are the unfortunate remnant of this disposal route. Under pressure from the legislature, the public and the industry one wants to improve their environmental impact. This is possible by increasing the mechanical recycling by reducing the plastic away from the energy recovery plants and the landfills.

Thanks to the Poly Recycling biogeochemical cycles can be closed further to improve the LCA!

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