Since 1993, the Poly Recycling deals with the industrial processing of PET beverage containers to high-quality PolyPET flakes. An annual growth of 20-30 % in 1998 led to an annual capacity of around 30 kt. This equates to almost 10 billion old PET bottles which have been recycled !

Despite these successes, the potential of PET Flakes remains largely undiscovered. PolyPET combines the excellent properties of PET with a economic pricing for an excellent value.

The high degree of purity in the ppm range requires a multi-stage , technologically complex treatment. Thanks to years of recycling experience Poly Recycling has the know -how to set the process in various grades of raw materials and applications. To this end, several automatic detectors and systems are installed for the separation and control. The objective of our development is a degree of purity which allows you to get our products in direct contact with food .

In addition to the standard quality specifications we can develop tailor made qualities on request. The variables are color, clarity , viscosity and bulk density. All PolyPET qualities are delivered according to exact specifications.

PolyPET is used for the production of bottles, fibers, films  and strapping as well as for engineering compounds. Fiber applications are, for example, Fleece Jackets, sleeping bags and pillow fillings or sports shoes. Typical applications for films are blisters, chocolate trays and flower packaging. Other applications are found in shampoo and beverage bottles. Thanks downstream processing one can use PolyPET to make food packaging.



PET flakes are washed and grinded PET bottles. To meet similar high requirements as the primary plastic, they undergo various pre-sorting and subsequent mechanical-chemical wet processes (eg sink-float method, hot wash or caustic wash). With these processing steps, packaging films, drink residue and other soluble impurities are removed and the material meets the required standards.

For the use of the recycled PET flakes following applications are available:

  • Food packaging, including beverage bottles
  • Packaging for cosmetic products or detergents (PET know a high chemical resistance)
  • Packaging industry in general (eg, films, containers, strapping)
  • Clothing industry (here under the name "polyester" known)
  • Auto industry for example, airbags, seat belts, insulation mats, air filter

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