1. 1975 Poly Recycling AG was founded. After a few minor start up problems the company has grown continuously under the umbrella of the Model AG in Weinfelden.

  2. 1986 about 10,000 tonnes of waste were processed for the first time.

  3. 1987 Poly Recycling AG moved in the new building, adjacent to the Model AG.

  4. In 1988, the capacity represented already 14,000 tons.

  5. In 1993, a new PET plant was opened with a capacity of over 7,000 tons in the same location. The collected bottles of PET Recycling Switzerland (PRS) were recycled, among others, and processed into PET flakes. After additional capacity expansions a 3-shift capacity of approximately 19,000 tons was reached in PE.

  6. 1997 the 4 shift operation converted a renewed increase in volume in Europe. This allowed an output of more than 26,000 tonnes of polyolefin’s and more than 10,000 tons of PET flakes.

  7. In 1999, the production capacity has been reduced due to the difficult market situation and it will work again in 3-shift operation. In 1999 a volume of about 13,000 tonnes of polyolefin’s and 12,000 tonnes of PET was produced. The PET Granulation was started

  8. 2000, the PET production was acquired by ITW. To further expand its core business of PET. That year more than 15,000 tons of PET were realized. PE recycling continued under Innoplastics AG on existing site.

  9. 2001, a further increase in volume in the PET processing was programmed, budgeted more than 15,000 tons. The exit transfer of the PE capacities continued until April.

  10. 2002 a Vacurema technology has been installed for the production of recycled material for food contact.

  11. 2005 automatic bottle sorting system has been installed.

  12. 2010 An aluminium separator at the sorting plant was installed.

  13. In 2011, we received the EuCertplast certificate.

  14. 2014 the ownership changed from the ITW Division industrial packaging to a new group called SIG (Signode Industrial Group). Our company name is new Poly Recycling GmbH

  15. In 2013 we received the certificate for the environmental management system 14001

  16. 2014 wurde die Sparte Industrie-Verpackung von der ITW von der SIG (Signode Industrial Group) übernommen. Unser Firmenname ist neu Poly Recycling GmbH

  17. 2015 Merger of Poly Recycling GmbH into Signode Industrial Group GmbH. Our company name is new Signode Industrial Group GmbH, Branche Poly Recycling.

  18. 2017 Sale of Poly Recycling to Resilux effective October 1st

  19. New era for the recycling of PET Bilten, 3 April 2019 - Today, the most modern PET recycling system was built in Bilten, Canton Glarus Europe put into operation. The system sets new standards in terms of safety, quality and traceability in the production process and ensures that the PET recycling even more environmentally friendly.


About us

The Poly Recycling is one of the most successful plastic-recycling companies in Europe. Our company is operational  by approximately 40 employees and has budgeted an output more than 25,000 tons for the year 2015.

The Poly Recycling mainly recycles PET. The raw materials are widely used PET bottles. These recyclables are mainly from Switzerland, some of them from the neighbouring countries. The raw material is washed automatically in modern facilities, sorted and extruded into specified granules.

The Poly Recycling is a supplier and partner of many international plastic processors throughout Europe. Main applications for the Poly-PET regrind and Pellets are fibers, films and strapping tapes. Main Increases are in packaging which is used in circular economy systems and in engineering plastics.

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